Kids Book Club                      

What is Kids Book ClubTO? 

A kids program designed to engage, challenge and improve kids literacy skills in a fun and engaging way, within a social setting.  We believe that strong  literacy skills are key to social and emotional well-being as well as student success.  

We design book clubs for students in grades 2-8. Each  book club is catered to the needs and interests of the group. 

Participants can join one of our existing groups or we will assist you in organizing a group  for your child and their friends. You pick the day and time.

Our experienced team of teachers, deliver high quality programming and will ensure that book club is a unique learning experience that your child will love!

Learn with an experienced teacher that creates a positive and inclusive learning environment.

Create a strong community of learners and develop a love of reading amongst friends. We will laugh a ton!

Why Join Book Club?

Everyone comes to book club for different reasons. Some kids are looking to engage in a unique learning experience with their school community. While others are looking for enrichment opportunities  or to build confidence in their reading abilities. Joining book club will provide an opportunity for participants to be introduced to books they might not normally read. It provides families with guidance on grade appropriate and engaging texts so they do not have to seek this out. Not only will book club focus on developing literacy skills but it will allow your child to explore important themes/topics and have a positive social experience with their peers. At Kids Book ClubTO we ensure that each child gets what they need in all of our book clubs.