About Me and My Philosophy

Deborah Rogers-B.A. Psychology, B.Ed, M.A

I am the founder of Kids Book ClubTO and it is very important to me that each child and family feels good about their book club experience!

I have been dedicated to my craft of teaching for 20 years. I have taught in various communities in Toronto and all grades within the elementary panel as well as Special Education. I bring a commitment to teaching students about mental health and well-being and incorporating social-emotional learning into all areas of my programming. I have always been passionate about teaching reading to students and creating a love of literacy.

Creating Kids Book ClubTO is a labour of love for me. I am thrilled that I am able to offer a program that families need now more than ever-to enjoy reading books while engaging in a social experience with friends. This is when the magic of book club happens!

Kids of all ages will gain greater confidence in their reading ability while they discuss important themes found in the book. They will become critical thinkers and learn how to express their own thoughts and opinions.

I am a mom of three. My twins are in grade 4 and my youngest is 3 years old. I live in the amazing Humewood community with my husband, kids and dog. When I am not teaching, I enjoy yoga, the outdoors and a good cup of coffee!

Meet The Team

Naomi Kirsch-B.A. Psychology/French, B.Ed-French

Naomi has been a long time friend and colleague of mine for many years. We went to Teacher's college together at OISE/UT in 2000. Naomi's passion for language has continued throughout her education in high school, university and a B.Ed with French as her teachable. Her love of language combined with many years of experience as an elementary school teacher has allowed her to share the joy of reading/writing and learning a second language. Naomi's fun and dynamic approach to learning French allows children to feel comfortable and look forward to reading books in French all while developing their conversational skills with friends . Naomi has 3 kids ages 11, 10 and 6 and lives in Toronto with her husband. She is excited to bring her love of reading and French to Kids Book ClubTO and I am so happy that she has joined my team!