How Do Book Clubs Work?

One of our main goals of Kids Book Club TO is to promote making new friends as most book clubs are made up of kids from various  schools coming together. All of the sessions begin with an icebreaker to create a strong community of learners and an inclusive space for ALL. Your child will make new friendships that will last well beyond book club!

How long is each session?

Each session consists of  6 or 8 weeks. We meet once per week on a designated day and time.

Where do book clubs take place?

Book clubs can take place anywhere!  We have a meeting  space in midtown Toronto or we can meet at a participants home. We also run clubs in  designated meeting spaces such as offices. In the Spring, we can meet at any location outdoors! Book clubs can also run via zoom if you prefer a virtual option.  All of our in person and virtual book clubs are interactive and fun. Your child will look forward to our weekly meets!

How do we choose the book for our group and how do I get the books for book club?

Each group is provided with a grade specific book list of highly engaging books that they get to choose from.  From this list, participants vote on the book. This allows kids to take ownership of their choice and be active participants during the session. Books will be ordered and delivered to each participant prior to our first meet. 

How are families involved during this learning experience?

We provide weekly correspondence with families (e.g. updates, book lists, feedback on reading and sharing of pictures/topics discussed at each session. Some reading is assigned each week. This can be done independently or with a family member. The built in weekly reading promotes accountability and an incentive for kids to want to read. They will be excited to do their book club reading which is one of the best parts!