Testimonials From Families

"I loved that my daughter had the opportunity to read a book and engage with other children her age. I think she thoroughly enjoyed the experience because she gained a deeper understanding for the subjects that the book covered. Deborah also guided the girls in such an age appropriate way"

Judith, Summit Heights, Toronto

"This was my daughter's first experience in a book club and it was a wonderful success! She enjoyed the book and was completely self-motivated to be at the right spot each week to meet back with the group. She also enjoyed the weekly meetings and that Deb mixed up each session with conversation, games and activities that were related to the book.It was a fun and creative experience in such a difficult year"

Tamar, Forest Hill, Toronto

"I loved everything about this book club! My daughter began actively reading on her own, became engaged with others to review the book, shared her thoughts and feelings and lastly, she became responsible for making sure she was finished the chapters on time. It has been an amazing experience for her and one that we will continue in the Fall"

Melanie, Ledbury, Toronto

"From a parents perspective this has been such a bonding experience for my son and I. I am involved in his book club experience and his reading is improving every single day because of this program!!!"

Jordan, Scarborough, Toronto